VicMan Software Company
  • Social networking

    Building robust proprietary social networking solutions supporting millions of concurrent users

  • SaaS

    Maintaining extensive cloud-based services with light footprint and high level of portability

  • Mobile

    Developing leading photo processing apps for Android and iOS

  • More

    We create end-user desktop software, browser plugins and content websites making everyday "Internet life" of millions of people easier daily

Company background

VicMan was established in 2001, having grown into what is now an international group of companies specializing in developing software solutions both for end users and corporate licensors.

We specialize in Web services, SaaS, social networking tools and mobile apps.

We have made innovation our biggest priority: with R&D units located in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, we never stop improving the user experience trying to make it as insightful and intuitive as possible.

We are open for partnership offers and work in close conjunction with a number of consumer electronics manufacturers and website developers. We offer customized solutions that support device adoption and flexible licensing schemes, as well as develop effective end-user applications for both mobile devices and desktops.

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Featured project provides a set of online photo editing tools that allows any user to add professional-grade filters and effects to their photos and share those photos with their friends instantaneously. The service API is available to website developers, who are encouraged to integrate online image editing into their own projects. Mobile apps - Lab and VicMan Visage Lab are among most popular Photography apps in both App Store and Google Play.

Career opportunities

We′re always on the lookout for talented programmers, web designers, and localization experts.

Have you even entertained the idea of working in a multinational company driven by its own innovations? Does the ever-changing environment of software development inspire you and make you feel more creative rather than put you off? Would you like to work with us?

Contact one of our R&D teams if you are interested to work with us:

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